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Beautiful clothes, curated for you, sourced from
responsible brands  

We do the research so you don’t have to. If you’re interested in learning more about the industry and the impact it’s having on the planet, we’ve got you covered.



ARC sources brands that are doing notable things in the apparel industry. In the realm of sustainability, ethical manufacturing, or giving back.
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The apparel industry is the  second largest industrial  polluter in the world, after oil.

We have closets full of clothes that we’ve  either worn once or fall apart after one wash. Trends are changing constantly, encouraging one time use and more consumption. In order to fulfill the appetite for newness, costs must be low which lends to poor quality and cheap labour. 80 billion pieces of new clothing are churned out every single year. That’s 400% up from 20 years ago. Our planet and millions of workers employed by the industry are taking the hit.

Fear not, we’re in this together. We’ve created a place to help you support positive change in the industry.



We were born from a love for fashion, people and the planet, from the notion that one thing cannot be separated from the other.
She couldn’t find it, so she created it.

Inspired by travel, yoga teachings, and facts about the state of the world, Founder, Sarah Stewart has made it her mission to inspire confidence and positive change.

Sarah’s fondest memories are steeped in interactions with people across the globe. “My favourite conversations while traveling were always the ones I had with the residents; the owners of the hostels, the people at those front desks, the woman teaching the cooking class”. It’s interactions like these that remind us to think globally.

The name ARC Apparel was inspired by Joan of Arc. She was a warrior in a time of adversity. She was passionate and stood up for what she believed in. We believe that women today are warriors, trying to do it all. When they are confident and support the connection between themselves, the planet and others, they can do anything.



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